A Nation of Wind


Create your own world in the sky



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A Nation of Wind is a mixture of what seem to be very different genres. There is arcade blaster and real time strategy, and they come together to make a whole new and different concept capable of surprising even the most seasoned of gamers.

Your objective in most missions is to conquer the different obelisks scattered around the map. To do so, you must take to the skies with your ship, destroy all enemies in your way and create temples beside the obelisks.

You can also create lots of structures in A Nation of Wind that can be used to provide the different resources you need to build the coveted temples or perform magic. The problem is that while you do this, some enemies will try to attack you. Luckily, you have a good arsenal of weapons to defend yourself with.

The graphics in A Nation of Wind are simply lovely. With a pixelated look, reminiscent of the late eighties, the game is able to create a living world where you can happily spend your free time.

A Nation of Wind is a strategy and action game whose gameplay and entertaining approach are as original as they are effective. You will quickly become hooked on this excellent free game without even realizing it.
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